Land Acquisition & Development


Land Acquisition & Development


Families make a house a home, and our team at Riken understands that a truly great custom home begins with acquiring the right piece of land and then developing that land to its greatest potential. It’s the foundation to building you the home of your dreams. Here are three things to consider when choosing & developing your future land:

Location. Topography. Natural Features

It all begins with location. The right decision will lay the foundation (literally) for your dream home. Choosing the right lot for your dream home is critical. And the truth is it’s not easy. But it can be fun! The building lot will determine a lot about the final design, which is probably what you’ve been dreaming up in your head.

When looking at properties, consider the following:

  • The size of the lot
  • Closeness of neighbors
  • Slope/flatness of land
  • Direction the plot faces (Where will the sun be?)
  • Natural surroundings (forest, field, water, etc.) – What view do you want?
  • Trees (Remember – tall, old trees can’t just be planted)
  • The style of other houses in the neighborhood (if applicable)
  • Access to resources (Will you need a well? Septic tank? New power, phone or cable hookups?)
  • Having a view versus privacy
  • Is the property convenient to shopping, schools, and transportation

Once you find a lot you are interested in, research the property!

  • Find information on the zoning, wetlands, septic connections, energy code, etc. These all affect what you can do. For example, zoning can affect the required setback distance from the street, the height of your house, and whether or not you can build an in-law suite.
  • Is the lot in a historic district? If so, there may be additional requirements or restrictions on how your home must look and what materials it must be built with.
  • Look into home values in the surrounding neighborhood. You may not want to build a $2 million house in a much less expensive area.
  • Speak to the neighbors. This is one of the best ways to find out if the area is a good fit for your family.
  • What is the school district? (if applicable)

Riken Construction strives for perfection in acquiring and developing land. It’s addressing these concerns (and many more) upfront that help ensure that a Riken Custom Home remains your dream home and a much sought-after address for many years to come. Contact our team today to learn more!