The Biggest House Plan Trends for 2021

It’s no surprise that the trending home features for this year are motivated by our desire for more workspace, more kitchen space, and a better connection to the outdoors. If you’re planning a new home or just dreaming for the future, here it is! The biggest house plan trends for 2021.

1: Rethinking the Kitchen

With families spending more time together at home, the kitchen has taken on a lot of responsibilities. A recent survey from the National Kitchen & Bath Association revealed that 87 percent of families surveyed want a kitchen that is not just pretty, but also practical. Functioning in various ways, a kitchen has become the place for entertaining, school activities, working from home, meal preparation, and family dining. Open kitchen layouts that provide more space and visibility, larger kitchen islands & pantries are emerging as major 2021 design trends.

2: The Home Office Takes on New Meaning

Many employees have been forced to shift their workspaces from their offices to their homes. Because of this great change in our country, having a home office that provides you a creative and functional space to work in is essential.  As we spend more time in our homes, many rooms are playing double duty; whether it’s the dining room that is also a home office and Zoom school area or the living room that’s a catch all – it’s essential to stay organized and have a place you love to work in! And for new custom homes, these interiors will begin to incorporate quiet spaces that allow privacy for working away from the day-to-day activity of the household. Be on the lookout for more of this in 2021!

At Home With Nature

Studies show that being close to nature reduces stress, and outdoor living areas can become personal oases for relaxation and retreat. Landscape designs may feature more garden spaces and hardscape areas such as patios and decks. Amenities can include custom-designed walls and trellises, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and specialty lighting. Outdoor audio systems can add a soothing layer of sound to a peaceful retreat or be a lively addition to family and friends’ gatherings. It’s a trend that isn’t going away – so jump in!!

2020 gave us all more time to spend together in our homes, which led to many families finding themselves ready to remodel or build the home of their dreams. We also deserve to have homes that make us happier, healthier, and more productive. Whether you want to build a modern home or a beautiful farmhouse, these ideas are easily incorporated into any plan, regardless of style. Whatever it is that your home needs, Riken and our team are ready for you. If you can dream it, we can build it!