Your Guide to a Smooth Running Construction Project

Your Guide to a Smooth Running Construction Project

Do Your Research First 

Before calling contractors for a quote, gather as much information about the current space and the goal of the project. Taking measurements and pulling floor plans is one thing you can to do prepare for your project. Then, gather as many inspirational photos of how you’d like to transform your space. Never assume that we know what’s going on in your head (lets see those plans!)

Welcome Design Help

Given the busy lives most of us lead, we don’t have the time to research every type of technology and material that might be used on a construction project. Use our professionals to save some of the time that would otherwise be spent learning and perfecting the process.

A design pro at Riken can provide guidance on what team members will likely be required for the project. And not just for the big ones, like a full custom home construction. Smaller projects like additions and remodels also can benefit from a pro’s expertise.

Prepare Your Home 

Move as much of your valuables and smaller items into a different room. Demo is dusty, no matter what steps are taken to drape off the area or quarantine, dust does find a way in. Prepare for your home to look like a job site for a while and try not to stress about it. In the end, a good contractor will make it look as if they were never there.

Plan For The Unexpected 

Put together a realistic budget or allotted amount for the remodel, and plan the remodel with a cushion. When renovating, you may have a construction schedule given to you, but always plan for the unexpected, especially with older homes. If everything goes to plan then great! However, in construction things do go wrong, like ship dates from vendors, discoveries in construction, changes by the customer, etc. So if a job is scheduled for 8 weeks, leave a little cushion (add a couple weeks for hiccups, punch, changes etc. ) Don’t schedule a get together the following week the job is “supposed” to be done.

It’s All About The Details

Having all of the finishes picked out and delivered ASAP is huge to a successful job. For instance, if the shower has handheld showers, it is nice to have the item there, or a spec book with dimensions so that the framer can plan for wood blocking in the framing stage, which will make it a breeze for the plumber to fasten it at the trim stage. Little things, having measurements of the items makes the layout easier, rather than missing a measurement and having to go back and reposition things.

Communicate With Your Team

We know, we know.. there will always be changes along the way, however, every change WILL effect the timeline of the project. Our advice… once you pick out your finishes and are happy with them, stop your research – you will always find something else that you like more. And remember, hiccups happen, don’t stress out, positive thinking is the best way to work through any situation. In the end, a good contractor will always keep your best interests in mind and provide you with the finished product you have spent so much time dreaming about.