Interior Design is an Important Element in your Business


Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior design of a building, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that is also functional and comfortable. Like the residential design industry, commercial design is about more than just maximizing your square footage. Commercial interior design is essential in any office, retail or industrial space. No matter what industry you are in, you must not underestimate the importance of interior design in your workspace.

Commercial interior design has developed over the years and now encompasses a wide range of subspecialties.

Retail: shopping centers, department stores, boutiques, showrooms, malls, specialty stores, etc.

Corporate: office design for various business types

Healthcare: hospitals, doctors office, veterinarian offices, assisted living facilities, dentist offices, laboratories, surgery centers, etc.

Institutional: schools, universities, government offices, financial institutions, religious facilities, etc.

Industrial: manufacturing, training, import/export facilities

Exhibition: exhibition halls, museums, galleries, showroom galleries, etc.

Sports: stadiums, gyms, swimming pools, etc.

Hospitality & Entertainment: restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, casinos, theaters, concert halls, sports venues, spas, etc.

Whether you are in a corporate office building, theater, retail store, surgery center, or a department store, how you present your company space speaks volumes about your business. The environment you create sets the tone for your business and brand. The best companies understand that the design of your business space communicates the best version of your organization. When we enter a space, we form a general impression about the business we have entered. We notice certain things that are pleasing to us, and we also see things that we find unpleasant. We also subconsciously generate opinions about the business we have entered. You want to create an atmosphere for your customers and team that reflects your style. Working with a design team that focuses on you and the story you want to tell your clients and employees ensures your space represents your company brand.

The well-being and comfort of your employees and clients matter. Your employees spend the majority of their day in their place of work. Designing a welcoming, comfortable, functional, and visually appealing space is good business sense. When your employees like their work area, it can promote employee morale, company pride, and well-being. According to a study for the American Society of Designers (ASID), workplace design is one of the top three factors that helps to determine an employee’s performance and job satisfaction. The study also indicated that a positive space could stimulate collaboration, create attachment, increase productivity, efficiency and affect employee retention.

Optimizing space efficiently and intentionally is also critical as it will influence interactions with clients and staff and provide an experience for everyone who enters. For instance, you may need to design a space for an office in the healthcare industry that provides increased privacy or design a lobby in a theater that feels large when a large number of people congregate in the area for periods of time. Understanding the flow of the office space is crucial as well. Will you have clients in and out of your business, or is your office generally only for staff with an occasional client? Does an open concept work for your business model, or do you require individual office spaces? Are your employees constantly on the phone and need an area that does not disrupt their fellow team members?

Light: The use of natural light when available and accent (artificial) light sets the ambiance of the space. Natural light can also contribute to the mood of your employees and clients. Using ecological friendly lighting also contributes to sustainability and your company’s carbon footprint. The light tone must also be considered.

Color: The colors you chose for your space are another important key element of your office design. The color palette and tones selected for an office environment can impact everything from productivity, mood, happiness to creativity. According to Picasso, “Colours, like features, follows the changes of the emotions”. Generally, your brand will play a role in your choice of colors throughout your space. Although depending on your brand palette, you will want to discuss with your designer if you want them to play a subtle or bold place in your design choices. The key to selecting your color palette is to find the perfect balance that creates a space that is both comfortable and encourages productivity. Remember that the hue of the color is just as essential and that high intensity will stimulate, while low intensity will soothe.

Blue: The color blue is commonly used in workplaces. It can have a positive impact on productivity. Blue is an intellectual color that represents trust, logic and efficiency.

Red: The color red is a bold color that can be used in workplaces that require physical exertion.

Yellow: The color yellow evokes creativity and collaboration. Yellow tends to be an emotional color and stimulates positivity and happiness.

Green: The color green can promote a sense of peace and balance. You will often find medical offices with green as a color choice. It represents nature, calmness, and restoration. Green is also easy on the eyes.

Other Spaces: When designing areas within your workspace, be sure to take leisure space into account. Creating spaces that your team can escape to, congregate in is key to good morale. Again, it is about providing a comfortable space for your team that generally spends over 7 hours a day in that space.

Future Spaces: When designing your perfect commercial space, you also need to look at the big picture of your business. What are your goals for growth? What will your team size look like in the future? Will you offer a hybrid working schedule? Will you have a growing clientele, or will you be carrying small products?

There are so many considerations when you are designing your commercial space. As you can see, interior design plays a vital role in many aspects of your business. Whether designing from the ground up or remodeling your space, You Need Riken.

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