Many of us have become more acquainted with our homes in the past year or two. Like anything, the more time you spend in a place, the more you become aware of what you love and what you don’t. 2022 will bring a continued appreciation for our homes to be sanctuaries, work-from-home spaces, and places to entertain. 

Many have been upping their game when it comes to their home and the spaces they are spending time in. Whether you are looking to do a complete remodel or just update your home, some trends are sticking around, some are moving on, and there are a few new trends too. Entering 2022, the main takeaway is that we are focusing on nurturing, comfort, and calm. Homeowners are more aware of investing in timeless, beautiful quality items and, an emphasis on natural and sustainability continues to grow from previous years. 


While minimalism has been a consistent trend over the last few years, the time spent at home during the previous 18 months has brought on the need for people to purge their belongs and free up space for daily activities that are now accomplished within the home. Many are also choosing to live a minimalist life out of concern for the environment. They understand that less consumption equals less use of the earth’s natural resources. Minimalism done right can enhance the livability of a space.

Natural Materials & Color PalletsThe use of natural materials and color palettes has been gaining popularity over the last several years. Still, we should see an increased focus on homeowners’ need to feel closer to nature, again creating a calming, peaceful, and welcoming space. Utilizing materials such as linens, ceramic, brick, and wood creates an organic feel to an environment. Plants will be used to complement the natural materials. We are going to see warmer tones with a spotlight on shades of green. Green is calming, soothing, de-stressing, revitalizing, and is associated with nature. We will see warm shades of green as well as richer jewel tones. Floor trends seem to be in the direction of lighter-colored flooring in simple designs.

Multifunctional Spaces

Single-use spaces seem to be phasing out, and we expect that design trends will feature neat ideas on multifunctional rooms and spaces. Making the most of every nook and cranny with clean and innovative ideas is on the horizon. Designing will include vertical space, closet space, combined space, and more. Utilizing those open concept spaces for connection and a place to work from home or do homework for the school-aged family members. Furniture arrangements will be key for these areas to work in unison. Using rugs and area-specific lighting can help establish distinct spaces as well. In areas with warmer climates, indoor and outdoor areas can be combined to create a new hybrid space.

Vintage & Retro

Vintage accents are making a comeback, especially mixing them with current or modern trends. Accent walls are being done in wallpaper, gold accents in your kitchen and bathroom, wood paneling, macrame, house plants, geometric patterns, and even shag carpets. Items such as dressers and armours are being repurposed as consoles and bar areas. Vintage artwork and rugs are also adding to the vintage trend as well. Sustainability has a hand in the vintage and retro trends. Consumers are taking stock in reusing items to reduce their carbon footprint. 


The connection between nature and home is seen in textiles for 2022. Soft texture, amorphous shapes, and earthy tones will define the textile trend for 2022. A mix and match of materials like linen, wool, and wood lend an organic feel. Floral prints and bold patterns will bring together an elegant connection to nature with a dramatic statement creating depth. 


The time we spent at home during the pandemic has caused many to look at design in a different way. Whether it is the space that makes up our home or the furniture and items we have in it. Many are focused on reusing and repurposing things like furniture, accessories, and accents more than ever. Some are investing in higher quality items so they will last longer or they are visiting their local repurposed furniture store to find a piece that they can make their own with a coat of paint or new accents. 

Upgrading your living space is a fun and creative process that requires careful planning and design. So be sure to spend time researching and find out what’s best for you and your home. Be sure to consider your house’s size, the functional spaces you need, your location, and your budget while making decisions. Remodeling or conducting a complete remodel can sometimes seem daunting when you are doing it all independently. Working with a professional can assist in helping you pull it all together, saving your time and money. Check out our Instagram here for ideas. Contact us today at 321.363.4904 or send us an email at [email protected]  to get some of these trends started in your home.



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