The Great Debate: Bath, Shower, or Both

Bath, Shower or Both?

Let’s be honest, having a bathroom large enough for a shower and tub is dreamy. But the reality is that your bathroom may not be able to accommodate this layout. So the question for you is: bath, shower or both?

Shower vs Tub.

In the majority of homes the shower gets used far more than the tub, and as a result there’s a trend towards getting rid of tubs completely and instead going for spacious, stand up shower stalls.  However, this isn’t a great option for families with young kiddos that love their rub-a-dub-dub time or anyone who likes a long soak in the tub!

Shower/tub combinations are the most common type of fixture you’ll see in household bathrooms. This is because they’re practical, they’re efficient, and they give you the option of taking either a long bath or a quick shower. However there are some cons as well. While they’re practical for families with young kids, they can pose difficulties for older people or those with mobility problems.

Or Both

Or you get the best of both worlds… do away with the combo and replace it with a freestanding tub and a separate glass paneled shower. If you have the space and the budget I say go for it!

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