Creating a workplace that welcomes ideas and breeds collaboration is an important part of cultivating success. That is why we decided to include a large plans table where projects, blueprints, and building plans can be laid out and discussed as a team. To increase organization, we also included a storage area. Updating this space is a crucial renovation because it is the central hub for brainstorming and developing ideas for delivering the best services to our clients!


One of the most important parts of our office is Riken’s workstations, which allow people to work together in a central part of the office. Featuring a bid board for job tracking and a workstation that allows for the collaboration of ideas and scheduling, this newly renovated space challenges the traditional idea of a contractor’s office. With sleek design elements and bright lighting in an open space, this area merges professionalism with a welcoming environment.


With deeper tones in our design aspects, and lighter contrasting hardwood floors, our newly renovated conference room is more visually appealing for the various meetings that are conducted here. Brighter lighting and more modern elements, such as the conference table, television, and seating, allow for comfortability and accessibility when meeting members need to present ideas or materials. 


With this new renovation, it was time to incorporate a new and improved printing station! Creating a specific area for all of our printing needs allows for more efficiency and creates more space to gather paperwork and get resources together. Before, our printing station did not have a counter, which now allows for easy organization and preparation of materials. The drawers below are a great built-in addition that increases an office’s organization, efficiency, and production. 


Our kitchen has taken on a whole new look! What was once just a place to take a break for lunch, is now an opportunity for our team members to make themselves a warm cup of coffee and even indulge in a meal made in the air fryer that is now included in our kitchen experience. Featuring a microwave, large fridge, and dishwasher, we aim to be more accommodating to our team members that would like to stay in the office for lunch.


Compared to the traditional windows that were initially installed in our offices, the addition of floor-to-ceiling glass creates the illusion of a well-lit open floor plan while still allowing individual office privacy! Installing whole front walls constructed with heavy glass not only allows an increase of natural light but also reduces that “boxed-in” feeling while increasing team collaboration. The renovation of our offices with new seating, desks, and a design implementation that allows for more efficiency, creates a more welcoming environment, and helps our team reach goals!

Some individual offices have taken on completely different design looks, like Kenny’s office here, with a large desk for plenty of space and an organizational system on the back wall, equipped with cabinets and a television. We’ve also included a large calendar whiteboard for all organizational needs and a couch for clients to make themselves comfortable when they visit our newly renovated Florida headquarters!

It’s time to remodel your office with Riken’s expert contracting team! Visit us at our newly renovated Altamonte Springs location or contact our team today.


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