Recent Trends In Hospitality Construction

The hotel industry is changing in more ways than one. Thanks to a new generation of passionate travelers, the hospitality industry is upping its game to provide an entirely new experience. From in-room technology to providing more eco-friendly opportunities, here are a few of the top hospitality trends to look out for in 2018 and after. Embracing Technology. Gone are the days of needing to call the front desk… well, for just about anything. Smart rooms & smart hotels are the next big thing! Today’s hotel guests can complete their check-in process before they arrive, unlock their room and even text hotel services all from the comfort of their phones. With more technology right around the corner (word on the street is that hotel apps will soon allow you to adjust the lighting, temperature and TV in your room all from your phone) the hospitality industry is embracing the ever-changing technology industry, allowing their guests to return home to tell not only of their adventurous travels, but of the experience they enjoyed throughout their hotel. Re-Thinking Ambiance. A guests experience at a hotel can be everything, including what services and amenities are available to them, BUT a beautiful space is becoming essential as travelers are increasingly choosing and returning to hotels based on the ambiance. Whether bold and eclectic or soft and soothing, hotels are now focused on how their environment leaves their guests feeling and what story it’s telling. Hotels are now incorporating elements from their building or communities history to help tell the story of who they are to their travelers, and even going as far as including nature to reduce stress and contribute to their guests overall well-being. Public spaces are being built throughout hotels to accommodate a range of activities (all promoting “the hotels experience”) providing seating for relaxation, space for meetings and gatherings and work-stations with charging stations… … all impacting how it makes one feel while on the grounds. Going Green. Green travel is on the rise: nearly 60% of travelers say they plan to make eco-friendly choices when booking hotels. With this growing concern for the environment, the “going green” goal for hotels now is not just to save water or money but to create an eco-friendly image to appeal to environmentally minded guests. Creating ways to save water & energy is of utmost importance, but so has become providing organic products & food, giving opportunities to maintain active healthy lifestyles while traveling and going above and beyond to even provide in-room yoga mats, organic, free-trade coffee, and vending machines with healthy snacks. Creating The Future & Exceeding Expectations.  Many hotels are leveraging renovations as a way to shift their business model and change their target market. Whether your goal is to remain relevant by embracing technology, appealing to a wider demographic by going green, or creating an unforgettable experience by re-thinking your ambiance renovations are necessary from time to time. Our team at Riken is ready to hear all about your hotel construction & remodeling needs and we can’t wait to design a plan that will fuse technology, storytelling, and an eco-friendly approach creating an unforgettable experience for your guests! Want to know more? Email [email protected] or call us today at 321.363.4904