This header graphic shows an image of the new sign for Flora Family Vet. The copy states, "Project Spotlight: FLORA FAMILY VET"


We aim to see your vision come to life. Our team works hard to ensure that your experience with Riken is unmatched, and that starts with effective preparation. The journey began with a clear vision: to create a modern veterinary hospital that caters to pets, their human companions, and the hospital staff. The design-build approach allowed us to weave our client’s aspirations with our expertise, ensuring a seamless process from concept to completion.

This Before graphic showcases what the vet hospital's doctor's office looked like before the renovation. There is equipment in this room and an operating table. The copy states, "BEFORE," "Doctor's Office"
This Before graphic showcases what the vet hospital's doctor's office looked like after renovation. There are desks on either side of the room and there is new paint on the walls, among other renovations. The copy states, "AFTER," "Doctor's Office"

Our in-house design team played a pivotal role in crafting the initial concepts. Collaborating closely with the client and evaluating their business needs, we sketched a roadmap for Flora Family Vet’s layout, incorporating modality rooms, advanced technologies, and creative design elements.

The image shows a Riken team member with one of Flora Family Vet's team members. The copy on the graphic states, "CLIENT FIRST"


The brainstorming process involved a dynamic collaboration between our internal team and the client, focusing on the practice’s needs. This partnership helped shape the facility’s layout to optimize workflow efficiency and patient care. We care about more than just delivering your needs; our team provides exceptional service that goes above and beyond because our clients always come first. Our design team then infused innovation and industry expertise into the final selections, presenting a comprehensive plan for the client’s approval.

This graphic has an image of what Flora Family Vet's recovery and dental room looked like prior to the renovation. The copy reads, "BEFORE," "Recovery & Dental"
This graphic has an image of what Flora Family Vet's recovery and dental room looks like after the renovation. The copy reads, "AFTER," "Recovery & Dental"

Managing the construction timeline was a careful balance between meticulous planning and effective communication. Schedules were provided to the client and updated throughout the project with daily or weekly client interactions, ensuring any deviations were promptly addressed. Quality control was ensured through rigorous adherence to relevant regulations and building codes. Our close coordination with municipality permit reviews and continuous monitoring upheld the highest standards.

This graphic has an image of Riken team members collaborating over blueprints. The copy on the graphic reads, "OVERCOMING HURDLES"


Unexpected challenges emerged, such as working around staff schedules due to the project’s occupancy during construction. Our team completed this veterinary project in two phases. The first phase was to be completed before the other so a portion of the staff could temporarily relocate to the new area while our team worked on phase two. Our adaptive approach ensured minimal disruption to their operations while progress continued unhindered. Due to the nature of design-build projects, we were able to recommend additional custom changes throughout the project, which enabled us to address any issues with field conditions and turn them into a better design. Every project brings challenges, but our team is confident in its ability to handle each one effectively.

This graphic shows an image of what the surgery room at Flora Family Vet looked like prior to remodel.The copy reads, "BEFORE," "Surgery"
This graphic shows an image of what the surgery room at Flora Family Vet looks like after the renovation. The copy reads, "AFTER," "Surgery"

Key team members, including the Project Manager and Project Superintendent, played instrumental roles in making Flora Family Vet a reality, as they intentionally guided our team through any hurdles along the way. They navigated challenges professionally, showcasing adaptability and dedication to the project’s success.

This subheader graphic shows an image of one of the rooms at the vet clinic after renovating. The copy says, "DESIGN FOCUSED"


Flora Family Vet stands as a testament to innovation. Automatic storefront doors were seamlessly integrated into the surgery and dental rooms, showcasing our commitment to enhancing workflow and patient experience. The pack and prep areas were ingeniously designed with pass-through cabinet drawers to surgery and dental rooms, streamlining processes and ensuring sterilization standards were met. We anticipated the need for modality rooms in an open floor space, which meant integrating new plumbing, electrical, and medical gas systems. The expertise of our team ensured that this ambitious task was executed smoothly, maintaining the facility’s functionality and compliance.

This graphic has an image of Memorial Garden prior to remodel at Flora Family Vet. The copy reads, "BEFORE," "Memorial Garden"
This graphic has an image of Memorial Garden after the renovation at Flora Family Vet. The copy reads, "AFTER," "Memorial Garden"

Our commitment extends beyond project completion. At the end of the project, all labor and materials are under warranty. Additional services and support are available upon client request, ensuring a seamless transition into the operational phase.

This footer/CTA graphic has an image of a mural that is outside of the renovated vet hospital. The copy on this graphic states, "BUILD OR RENOVATE YOUR VET HOSPITAL"

Like Flora Family Vet, you can create a workspace that helps you achieve your goals and do the work you and your team are passionate about daily. We carefully consider how to construct a quality, design-forward building within budget and on time for each client, including veterinary offices! Reach out to our team of experts today and build right with Riken.


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