Prepare Your Luxury Home Remodel


You can trust Riken to develop a plan to remodel your home as efficiently and as safely as possible. As the homeowner, we trust that you will plan ahead and prepare for the process, and we have some tips to help you! To begin, we believe it is important to establish a scope and set goals. Which sections of the home do you want to focus on renovating, or are you looking for a complete home remodel? Having a specific objective is a necessary part of this process. After deciding which area you are looking to remodel, consider the aesthetic you would like the area to follow. There are many different design approaches, so it will be helpful to solidify your specific styles, so your construction team can have direction on the outcome you are looking for!

Next, it’s time to determine a budget. Decide how much you will allot for this renovation based on the scope of the work you would like to accomplish. Make sure to consider the area of space that this will cover and the specific design elements you plan to implement in this project. In case of emergencies, always allot 5-10% extra to cover any additional costs. It is always better to be prepared for any hurdles that may arise!

Home Remodel Drywall

After determining the extent of your project and budget accordingly, it’s time to choose your contracting group. When making this key decision, evaluating the company’s level of experience, reliability, and overall values they promote is important. When you choose Riken Construction, you will receive the highest quality materials and work with a team of experienced professionals committed to walking through the whole process with you, safely. 

Last, but certainly not least, researching building permits is a step you should not overlook. Due to various factors, such as the condition of the home you are remodeling, it is important to educate yourself on the building permits that may be in place and note any restrictions. This will eliminate potential problems as the remodeling begins.

Home Remodeling Prepare Your Space


Now that you have prepared financially and have researched the depth of your project, it is time to prepare your space for a successful remodel. It is a good idea to relocate your valuables and ensure they are safely stored away. Organize valuables and general items in storage containers, storage units, in your garage storage, or keep them in another room where they cannot be affected by the dust and foot traffic associated with a remodel!

Make a plan to protect your children and animals from the construction sites in your home. If you plan to stay in your home while portions are under construction, ensure your family is aware of your safety plan and implement guidelines so everyone is on the same page. Be mindful of where your pets will be during this process. For example, consider keeping your pets in an upstairs playroom if your backyard is under complete renovation. If your kitchen, living room, and bathrooms are under renovation, consider keeping them in their safe kennels or in a secluded outdoor space.

Home Remodeling Prepare Your Family and Pets for Safety

The safety of your family and loved ones is the most important thing. Prepare all your family members by teaching them about the dangers of construction areas, paying extra attention to spaces where tools could be resting or where nails could be loose. Establish safe zones where your children can be in your home, away from danger. Make sure never to leave them unsupervised to prevent any accidents. Finding a second property to stay at while renovations are taking place may be a beneficial option for you and your family to ensure safety during construction, especially if you are interested in a full-home remodel. If you have another location you will be staying at during this time, having a plan for visiting your home that is under construction is always a good idea to prevent any injuries, although it may not be necessary.


Communication is essential for a successful remodel. We are happy to communicate with every member of your family, but establishing the best point of contact can be very beneficial! During the development process, there may be design choices to make or potential conflicts that arise. When we create an open line of communication, decisions are made quickly, efficiently, and within budget!

Dust will happen, but damage never should. If you choose the wrong contracting group that is not licensed or an expert in the field, you could have a demolition that leaves you with damage to important pieces of your property. Choose a group you trust to do the job right the first time. 

Finished Home Remodel Trust Your Contractor

There are many tedious but important steps to ensuring that your remodel is compliant from beginning to end. When considering add-ons and permits, choose a team that will ensure that the property stays in compliance and remains ahead of the game. Incorrect installation can cause problems later, and nobody wants visible wires or improperly placed pipes. Make sure you choose a company that is knowledgeable in every part of the construction process, from installing HVAC systems to electrical and plumbing requirements. When you invest time and money into a space you love, the correct installation of fixtures, cabinets, lighting, windows, and doors is essential because nobody wants a crooked window. When it comes time to complete the final touches, such as flooring installation, and molding, we know these last touches make a huge difference. Nobody wants to be left with incomplete trim or missing strips. 

Choose a team with quality, integrity, and reliability. Choose our expert construction team at Riken. When you work with Riken, you will have positive experiences like our client, Heather! She said, “I can’t say enough how wonderful Riken has been to deal with. We have done some remodeling in our kitchen, and from counter demo to tile to electrical, they have sent top-notch members of their team. They have been kind, efficient, and clean. I can’t wait for our next project so these guys can come back!” When you choose our experienced team at Riken, we guarantee we will prioritize the highest quality craftsmanship we can throughout each step.

"I can't say enough how wonderful Riken has been to deal with. We have done some remodeling in our kitchen, and from counter demo to tile to electrical, they have sent top-notch members of their team." Remodel With Riken

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