As a current homeowner with a growing family and priorities that change with time, it is no surprise that the home you purchased years ago may not have everything you want! You may be considering moving into a new home with more room and more amenities that your current home lacks. Stop and think for a moment. Have you watched the recent market trends? As the bubble continues to expand, deflate, and expand again with no burst in sight, it is safe to say that buying a home in this market is not the best move. The current average mortgage rate for a 30-year fixed loan is 6.89%. That is more than double the 3.22% level at the start of this year. As you consider the best option for your growing family, you have to take the cost of selling, the cost of buying, and the cost of moving into consideration. 

According to Rocket Mortgage, it usually costs around 15% of a home’s sale price to sell it. This includes items such as agent commissions, home improvements, closing costs and moving fees. Focus on the cost of home improvements, which could be different for every seller. Why would you want to pay for improvements on your current home for another family to enjoy when you can pay for improvements on your current home for YOUR family to enjoy! You would avoid remaining sell costs, as well as, the cost to buy and move into a completely different home!

If you have already considered creating a budget that would allow you to move into a different home, you can put that toward the cost of a remodel. Not only would you avoid the headache and potential surprises associated with a move, but you could potentially save yourself money in the long run while raising the value of your current home. 


Your current home could have everything you’re looking for. After maintaining the proper permits and approving final plans, your home can be completely customizable to accommodate your family. Maybe the goal is to increase the interior value by changing the look of your kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms that you currently have. Maybe the goal is to increase the size of your home through a home addition. Such as, adding in more bedrooms, more bathrooms, or just more space for your growing family. Remodels are a fully-customizable process to an already familiar place.


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If you stay in your current home and take the time to give it an upgrade, you can hold onto every fond family memory that you have made. Did you make a mark in the closet to watch the height of your children each year? Does your yard hold fond memories of cookouts and birthday parties and hope for the future? We will help you maintain your memories while giving you every detail that you desire. When you choose an expert contractor, like our team at Riken Construction, you are choosing a team that you can trust to communicate quickly and ensure that your remodel stays within budget and within its timeline. This will allow your family to still enjoy your home and know what to expect every step of the way.

No matter what you decide, Riken is on your side. If you want to stay in your home full of fond family memories, we’ll add those new luxurious pieces you’ve been missing. If you’re ready to kick off your custom home build and get a change of scenery, we’re prepared to serve you there too! Contact our team today.


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